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Find a property owner, a debtor, or person of interest with just a few clicks. Whether you are finding a single person or a list of thousands, our automated system helps you find what you need in seconds.

Skip Tracing

At SkipVault, we are a team made up of experts in real estate investment, data management, and wholesale operations. Our systems provide high-quality data from one of the largest databases in the United States. Find out how SkipVault can make your life easier. 

Instant Results

Skip Tracing Results

Dependable Data

Skip Tracing Data

No Monthly Contracts

Skip Tracing Membership

LLC Searches

Skip Tracing LLC
Batch Skip Tracing

Batch Discounts

Upload your list and get back instant, complete data. No waiting for days to get your report, download it right away from your dashboard.

We constantly update our database of millions of records. We also have a match rate of 95% and cover 99% of the USA.

Don't waste money on monthly subscriptions. Come and go as you please with no contracts or committments

We also offer to skip tracing on LLCs, which can help you close deals faster with our top-tier data.

Whether you are uploading a list of 100 or 10,000 we have excellent discounts for bulk uploads!

How It Work
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Experience our simple skip tracing process. Just create an account, upload your list, submit payment and let us do the rest!


Create an Account

Signing up for our skip tracing services takes seconds! There are no membership signups or contracts. Just skip trace and get results!


Upload a List

Upload your .CVS file. All you need is a name and address to get started. You can look at our sample list below.


Submit Payment

Enter your payment information. Be sure to enter a promo code if you have one!


Get Data

Our database will search through millions of records nationwide. You will receive your results within MINUTES!

Skip Tracing

Our system does the hard lifting while you use your valuable time to do what you need. SkipVault collects data from online and offline repositories. When we have the information from these sources, it goes to our skip tracing process and we provide you with your desired data.  

Some of our sources include:

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Credit Bureaus

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Motor Vehicle Records

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Court Records

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Business Registrations

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Public/Private Repositories

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